IT Procurement
We provide non vendor biased solutions.

At TXN Corporation we recognise that every organisation is unique, and we won’t try to fit you into a mould. Your company varies from others in requirements, resources, expectations of results and other factors.

Instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach, we value the diversity of our clients and cater to your individuality with a customised project solution that truly addresses your current needs and future growth.

Our aim is for the team to develop solutions for your business that are easily integrated within the current business environment while enabling space for future business growth.


  • As technology advances, hardware options available for your business becomes more complex.

  • TXN Corporation will simplify complexity by only recommending relevant hardware options that best suits your business needs and growth plans.

  • We are non-vendor biased, meaning we will always select the most cost effective solution.

  • Whether you are starting a new business or expanding, we will help you select the right software packages for your business; from Microsoft Desktop to Microsoft 360 packages, through to accounting packages.

  • We provide full support with installation and software customisation.

  • Do you want your company logos on your document templates? Or a custom document and excel template? Just ask us how and we can do it for you...

Data Storage, Servers & Cloud
  • Let the experts at TXN Corporation review your data storage and backup requirements and recommend the most reliable and cost effective solution for your business.

  • We can implement a Cloud data storage solution for your business to enable your team to have access to business files and work from anywhere, on any device, while being able to save and share files securely and being backed up centrally.

Perth IT Consulting