IT Support Officer
Marketing Manager


We are a boutique, specialist IT consulting firm based in Perth. Established in 2007, we hit
the ground running with our focus on providing quality IT solutions to small businesses in Perth.
We offer our clients custom IT solutions and remote support, Small Business Server management, Email and Cloud Data management and backup and recovery solutions.
Tien Nguyen
Managing Director
Vinh Nguyen
Client Relationship Manager

Tien Nguyen, the company's Managing Director is passionate about providing IT solutions to simplify the complexity of technologies for small businesses. 

Tien is a qualified Engineer, complimented with post-graduate studies in Applied Finance as well as MBA studies.

“We're a boutique IT consultancy firm. We look forward to meeting you and your team and helping you close the gap between your business requirements and new and cost effective IT solutions to enable you to focus on more important things.

So what are you waiting for, let's meet" 


Tien Nguyen, Managing Director

[TXN Coporation Pty Ltd]

Vinh is a qualified Engineer and a dedicated individual who has the ability to bring solutions to life through his unique understanding of customer needs and current technologies.

Perth IT Consulting