Backup & Disaster Recovery
We will treat your business data like rare earth metals.

Backup and disaster recovery are perhaps two of the most neglected but most important aspects of your business.


Having reliable and redundant backups is paramount to safeguarding your data.


We will configure backups including both onsite and offsite options.


Whether it is retrieving an accidentally deleted document or getting your whole system back up and running after an unforeseen event, TXN Corporation have you covered.


Data Backup & Recovery
  • As data continues to grow in value and size, backup is becoming increasingly challenging.

  • Our solution relieves the pain out of backup and delivers faster restores and reduced backup windows at a lower cost.

  • TXN Corporation offers offsite and cloud backup solutions.

  • The increasing retention of data, be that for compliance or from user choice, has a significant impact on the cost of storage and backup.

  • TXN Corporation focuses on cost reduction whilst ensuring that your valuable data is retained and secured.

Business Continuity
  • Appoint TXN Corporation and take advantage of our extensive experience in delivering an extremely cost effective, reliable and risk free disaster recovery platform for your mission critical IT services.

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